Compilation of records of vulnerable marine ecosystem indicator taxa in the North Atlantic


Obtaining a comprehensive knowledge of the spatial variation of deep-sea benthic ecosystems is essential for conservation and management purposes. Here we assembled publicly available information on the positions of vulnerable marine ecosystem indicator species from public databases (OBIS, NOAA and ICES), the published literature and from focused efforts from the Logachev Mounds (NE Atlantic), Tropic Seamount (NE tropical Atlantic) and Bermuda for depths below 200 m. Taxa included hexacorals, octocorals, hydroids, sponges, hydrothermal vents associated species (bivalves, decapods), crinoids and xenophyophores.

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Creator Ramiro-Sánchez, Berta; Henry, Lea-Anne; Morato, Telmo; Taranto, Gerald; Cleland, Jason; Carreiro-Silva, Marina; Sampaio, Íris; Domínguez-Carrió, Carlos; Messing, Charles G; Kenchington, Ellen L; Murton, Bramley; Roberts, J Murray
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2020
Funding Reference Horizon 2020, 678760; Horizon 2020, 679849
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