Bundesbank Online Pilot Survey on Consumer Expectations BOPSOCE


The BOPSOCE Scientific Use File Version 1.0 data set is the first version of the BOPSOCE data set and consists of the following three Stata files: BOPSOCE_wave1_v1_0.dta, BOPSOCE_wave2_v1_0.dta, and BOPSOCE_wave3_v1_0.dta. For more details, see the BOPSOCE documentation on website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Individuals in Germany with age 16 or higher.

Random sample of individuals from an offline recruited panel maintained by the survey company forsa (forsa.omninet).

Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based

Internet based survey

DOI https://doi.org/10.12757/Bbk.BOPSOCE.01.00.00
Metadata Access https://www.da-ra.de/oaip/oai?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&identifier=oai:oai.da-ra.de:697644
Creator Feil, Hauke; Gabor-Toth, Eniko; Goldfayn-Frank, Olga; Pavlova, Lora; Ried, Stefan; Schmidt, Tobias; Werner, Daniel
Publisher Deutsche Bundesbank
Publication Year 2020
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Resource Type Dataset
Discipline Economics