Eolian and silica deposition of ODP sites in the central North Pacific, supplement to: Snoeckx, Hilde; Rea, David K; Jones, Charles E; Ingram, B Lynn (1995): Eaolian and silica deposition in the central North Pacific: Results from sites 885/886. In: Rea, D.K., Basov, I.A., Scholl, D.W., Allan, J.F. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 145, 219-230


Sediments recovered at Ocean Drilling Program Sites 885/886 (central North Pacific Ocean at 44°41'N, 168°14'W and 44°41'N, 168°16'W, respectively) record eolian deposition during the Cenozoic and late Mesozoic. We constructed a record of eolian MAR, which is a proxy for aridity/humidity of the climate in the continental source area. Eolian fluxes are low during the Late Cretaceous through Eocene, reflecting humid conditions in the source area. During the Oligocene, more arid climates prevailed at the source area, as indicated by increased eolian accumulation. The "Diatom Dump", an interval of enhanced silica deposition mainly apparent in the northwest Pacific, is reflected in the record at Sites 885/886 by two- to fivefold higher opal fluxes compared with younger and older sediments. Increased eolian deposition starting at 3.5 Ma and culminating at 2-2.6 Ma are coincident with the onset of Northern Hemisphere glaciation. Sites 885/886 lie 10° north of sites examined previously for the history of eolian deposition in the central North Pacific and therefore allow enhanced understanding of the latitudinal variation of the wind system.

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