Pollen profile Tegeler See, Brandenburg, Germany, supplement to: Brande, Arthur (1996): Type region D-s, Berlin. In: Berglund, BE; Birks, HJB; Ralska-Jasiewiczowa, M; Wright, HE (eds.) Palaeoecological events during the last 15000 years:regional syntheses of palaeoecological studies of lakes and mires in Europe. Chichester, West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons, 518-523

The region D-s (Fig. 15.8) belongs to the Weichselian glaciated area of the North German lowlands and is a section of the older part of the young moraine landscape. The Warsaw-Berlin Urstromtal with the Spree River and the Havel lake-river system subdivide the region into four subregions, including a northern, southern and western ground moraine plateau. The region as a whole comprises the former West-Berlin, surrounded by the late GDR.

Lake Laach Tephra Layer (12880 cal. BP) in 1517 cm depth.

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