Micrometer-resolution tomographic reconstructions of whole mouse brain microvasculature and an analysis program


This data collection contains tomographic images of vasculature in entire mouse brain, the corresponding blood vessel segmentation, and Python code that transforms the tomographic image into a segmentation and further into a vessel graph representation for analysis. The data were collected and processed at the TOMCAT beamline of the Swiss Light Source in phase-contrast imaging mode. Indian Ink was used as a contrast agent. The original tomographic image data is provided in full resolution, half resolution and quarter resolution (0.65 µm, 1.3 µm and 2.6 µm pixel size, respectively) as 16-bit little endian .raw files. The vessel segmentation is provided in full resolution as a png-compressed image stack.

DOI https://doi.org/10.16907/1237D208-9057-4755-8049-40EE7A199B15
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Creator Marco Stampanoni
Publisher PSI
Publication Year 2021
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