Geochemical composition of tephra layers from deep sediment core GS16-204-22CC-A, eastern Labrador Sea, south of Greenland


This dataset contains major element oxide data of tephra layers from marine sediment core GS16-204-22CC.The core has been investigated for increased tephra occurrences and geochemically analysed for the major element composition of tephra shards to identify their source volcano(es). In total we observed eight tephra zones of which five concentration peaks show isochronous features that can be used as independent tie-points in future studies.

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Creator Rutledal, Sunniva; Haflidason, Haflidi; Berben, Sarah M P; Griem, Lisa; Jansen, Eystein
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2020
Funding Reference European Research Council, 610055; Seventh Framework Programme, 610055
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Spatial Coverage (-47.039 LON, 58.047 LAT)