Solar Velocities of the Sun in 1989-99 (IRIS++) (Salabert+, 2002)

The precise measurement of the solar seismic properties requires year long measurements as uninterrupted as possible. The cooperation between several groups managing instruments all around the world has produced the one solar cycle long IRIS++ data bank. Integrated radial velocities from mid-1989 up to end-1999 measured by the ground-based IRIS++ network are presented. The full-disc integration gives access to low degree p-modes (l=0, 1, 2 & 3).

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Creator Salabert D., Fossat E., Gelly B., Tomczyk S., Palle P.L., Jimenez-Reyes S.J., Cacciani A., Corbard T., Ehgamberdiev S., Grec G., Hoeksema J.T., Kholikov S., Lazrek M., Schmider F.X.
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