Lithic grain and mineral composition of sand and sandstones from the Japan and Mariana forearc and backarc (Table 3), supplement to: Packer, Bonnie M; Ingersoll, Raymond V (1986): Provenance and petrology of Deep Sea Drilling Project sands and sandstones from the Japan and Mariana forearc and backarc regions. Sedimentary Geology, 51(1-2), 5-28


One hundred and twenty point counts of Oligocene to Recent sands and sandstones from DSDP sites in the Japan and Mariana intraoceanic forearc and backarc basins demonstrate that there is a clear compositional difference between the continentally influenced Japan forearc and backarc sediments, and the totally oceanic Mariana forearc and backarc sediments. Japan forearc sediments average 10 QFL%Q, 0.82 P/F, 2 Framework%Mica, 74 LmLvLst%Lv, and 19 LmLvLst%Lst. In contrast, the Mariana forearc and backarc sediments average 0 QFL%Q, 1.00 P/F, 0 Framework%Mica, 98 LmLvLst%Lv, and 1 LmLvLst%Lst.Sediment compositions in the Japan region are variable. The Honshu forearc sediments average 5 QFL%Q, 0.94 P/F, 1 Framework%Mica, 82 LmLvLst%Lv, and 15 LmLvLst%Lst. The Yamato Basin sediments (DSDP Site 299) average 13 QFL%Q, 0.70 P/F, 3 Framework%Mica, 78 LmLvLst%Lv, and 14 LmLvLst%Lst. The Japan Basin sediments (DSDP Site 301) average 24 QFL%Q, 0.54 P/F, 9 Framework%Mica, 58 LmLvLst%Lv, and 21 LmLvLst%Lst. P/F and Framework%Mica are higher in the Yamato Basin sediments than in the forearc sediments due to an increase in modal potassium content of volcanic rocks from east to west, on the island of Honshu. Site 301 possesses a higher QFL%Q and LmLvLst%Lst, and lower LmLvLst%Lv than Site 299 because it receives sediment from the Asian mainland as well as the island of Honshu.DSDP Site 293 sediments, in the Mariana region, average 0.97 P/F, 1 Framework%Mica, 13 LmLvLst%Lm and 83 LmLvLst%Lv, due to their proximity to the island of Luzon. The remaining Mariana forearc and backarc sediments show a uniform composition.

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