Lithic grain and mineral composition of sand and sandstones from the Japan and Mariana forearc and backarc (Table 3), supplement to: Packer, Bonnie M; Ingersoll, Raymond V (1986): Provenance and petrology of Deep Sea Drilling Project sands and sandstones from the Japan and Mariana forearc and backarc regions. Sedimentary Geology, 51(1-2), 5-28


One hundred and twenty point counts of Oligocene to Recent sands and sandstones from DSDP sites in the Japan and Mariana intraoceanic forearc and backarc basins demonstrate that there is a clear compositional difference between the continentally influenced Japan forearc and backarc sediments, and the totally oceanic Mariana forearc and backarc sediments. Japan forearc sediments average 10 QFL%Q, 0.82 P/F, 2 Framework%Mica, 74 LmLvLst%Lv, and 19 LmLvLst%Lst. In contrast, the Mariana forearc and backarc sediments average 0 QFL%Q, 1.00 P/F, 0 Framework%Mica, 98 LmLvLst%Lv, and 1 LmLvLst%Lst.

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