AHEPA and Volvi ambient seismic noise experiments - Datasets


A temporary seismic array of short-period seismometers was installed in the 8-story AHEPA hospital, located in the city of Thessaloniki, N. Greece. The scope of the survey was to assess the dynamic characteristics of the RC-building by processing ambient vibration recordings of more than 40 seismic stations installed at different positions in the building. Part of the instruments was used in a soil experiment, outside of the hospital, to study possible Soil Structure Interaction phenomena. In addition to above experiments, a site-specific survey was performed in the Volvi basin, 30km ENE of the city of Thessaloniki. The scope of this experiment was to investigate the soil properties and the geometry of the subsurface geology.

DOI http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.5880/GIPP.201304.1
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