Umiat Corridor Project: monitoring precipitation and hydrology

Monitoring stations are included at: South White Hills, White Hills, North White Hills, Northwest Kuparuk, Itikmalakpak, Upper May Creek, Nanushuk, Anaktuvuk River, Ruluga, Encampment Creek, White Lake, Hatbox Mesa, Siksikpuk, and Chandler River. Snow surveys are made at designated locations throughout the domain to determine snow depth, as well as vertically integrated density and SWE. Except when making ablation measurements, most of the sites are visited just once a year near the peak of snow accumulation, generally the last week of April. In addition to snow surveys, snow depths are collected throughout the winter at meteorological stations that are equipped with automated ultrasonic snow depth sensors (SR50 or SR50A). Snow depth sensor readings can be collected in near real time or downloaded in the field directly from a data logger.

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