Dissolved Organic Carbon, Total Dissolved Nitrogen, Inorganic Ion, and Isotopic Compositions of Subsurface Waters along Hillslope-Hyporheic-Channel Transects of the West River at Cape Bounty, 2016

Samples were collected from 44 wells and 6 surface water sites distributed among 4 transects perpendicular to streamflow. Wells were purged 1-2 hours prior to sampling and allowed to refill before sample bottles were triple-rinsed with sample and a sample to be processed was collected. Electrical conductivity and pH values were recorded for each sample. Water isotope and inorganic ion samples were filtered using a polysulfone Nalgene filtration unit and 0.22µm Millipore PVDF membrane filters. Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) and Total Dissolved Nitrogen (TDN) samples were filtered using a glass filtration unit paired with precombusted 0.7µm GF/F glass fibre filters. The glass filtration unit was soaked daily in a 2% hydrochloric acid bath. Ion/isotope and DOC/TDN samples were stored in HDPE and amber glass EPA vials, respectively, and kept in a cool, dark environment (coolers with cold packs). A Shimadzu TOC-VCPH Analyser using a high sensitivity platinum catalyst equipped with a total nitrogen module (TNM-1 unit) will be used to assess DOC and TDN concentrations. DOC will be measured using high temperature combustion (720 •C) as non-purgeable organic carbon, and TDN will be measured by thermal decomposition as nitrogen monoxide. Major inorganic ion concentrations will be measured via liquid ion chromatography using a Dionex ICS-3000. Nitrate and ammonium concentrations will be measured by colorimetry using an Astoria Pacific FASPac II Flow Analyser. d18O and dD-H2O values will be quantified using a Los Gatos Research (LGR) Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer.

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Spatial Coverage (-109.500W, 74.900S, -109.500E, 74.900N)
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