Nutrient concentrations along a North-South transect in the North Atlantic measured during Maria S. Merain cruise MSM03/1 (VISION) cruise, supplement to: Gomez-Pereira, Paola R; Fuchs, Bernhard M; Alonso, Cecilia; Oliver, Matthew J; van Beusekom, Justus; Amann, Rudolf (2010): Distinct flavobacterial communities in contrasting water masses of the North Atlantic Ocean. The ISME Journal, 4(4), 472-487


Samples were taken along a transect in the North Atlantic Ocean from 66°139.27'N; 29°136.65'W to 34°124.87'N; 28°128.90'W during the VISION cruise (diVersIty, Structure and functION) MSM03/01 on board the research vessel Maria S. Merian from September 21 to September 30, 2006. Along this transect, each station was sampled at 12 depths, from 10m down to 250m or 500m. Samples were collected with a rosette of 20-l Niskin bottles mounted on a conductivity-temperature-density profiler. Water samples for nutrients analysis were filtered directly after sampling through 0.45-µm in-line filters attached to a 60-ml pre-cleaned syringe into two 12-ml polystyrole tubes. Samples were stored at 4°C (dissolved silicate) or 80°C (ammonium, phosphate, nitrate and nitrite) The samples were spectrophotometrically measured with a continuous-flow analyzer using standard AA3 methods (Seal Analytical, Norderstedt, Germany) using a variant of the method of Grasshoff et al. (1983).

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