Opinies over ontwikkelingssamenwerking, 1981-1982 Opinions about development aid, 1981-1982

Opinion of Dutch people about development aid on the occasion of renewed campaign "Gast aan tafel"/ central questions: readiness for financial support/ motives for development aid/ expectations with respect to prosperity in developing countries/ interests of donor country versus interests of developing country/ readiness for support to armed resistance groups. Desired expenditure on Dutch development aid / knowledge of percentage of National Income spent on development aid / priorities for retrenchment policy/ defence/ development aid/ pollution/ welfare payments / choice between income and development aid / motives for development aid / expectations with respect to poverty in developing countries within next 10 years / developing country or donor country should decide on how to spend development money / the obligation to buy Dutch products, machinery from development money / in case of repression should money be given to armed resistance for food and medicines/ money for arms / who is present Dutch minister of development affairs. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ education/ politics/ religion

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