Obergurgl, AT, Monitoring_phytomass 2005

During the long-term monitoring project in Obergurgl, the aboveground phytomass of vegetation at four study sites was collected in the year 2005. The project was established in 2000, with the aim to record vegetational development in subalpine to alpine altitudes in aspects on the effect of grazing and grazing exclosure. Phytomass-data regards to a study site at Schoenwieskopf and three bogs in the Rotmoos-Valley. Aboveground phytomass was recorded by cutting the sod with sissors. The sod was cutted close to the soil surface in areas of 25x25 cm, next to the existing permanent plots per study site. On each study site, 24 areas were collected. 12 within the established fenced, 12 outside the fences in the control area. The sod was then splitted in fractions: grasses, herbs and cryptogams. The phytomass was then dried in a compartment drier, 24 hours with 80°C. Then, dry weight was measured out.

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