Ichthyoplankton composition form NICOP-LaPlata cruise 1, Southern Brazilian Shelf, in 2003


The NICOP-LA PLATA series cruises were carried out under the general objectives of the South Atlantic Climate Change Consortium (SACC), sponsored by the Inter-American Institute for Climate Change Research (IAI). The main objective of this project was to characterize the seasonal variations of the Rio de la Plata plume and the Subtropical Shelf Front (STSF) and their impacts on the circulation, and on the chemical and biological processes on the continental shelf. Eleven transects were performed perpendicular to the coastbetween Itajaí (26.9° S, 48.6° W - Brazil) and Mar del Plata (38.0° S, 57.5° W - Argentina) during the winter of 2003 (LA PLATA Winter Cruise) and the summer of 2004 (LA PLATA Summer Cruise). The sampling design resulted in 83 oceanographic stations taken with RV. Puerto Deseado in the winter cruise (August 20 to September 2), and 90 stations taken with the RV Antares in the summer cruises (February 1 to 19). Transects covered from near the coast (~ 18 km) to offshore depths greater than 1000 m (Piola et al., 2003; Möller Jr. & Piola, 2004).Three strategies were applied for ichthyoplankton sampling. Integrated vertical arrays were conducted at the stations located near the 50 m and 200 m isobaths with a with 300 μm mesh and 0.6 m diameter Motoda net. During the second cruise, a 0.6 m in diameter WP-2 net with 140 μm mesh net (damaged and replaced by a mesh of 500 μm later) and was used in integrated vertical trawls. The second strategy consisted of vertical stratified hauls at two depths using a WP-2 net coupled with a closing mechanism. The hauls were carried out in stations near a 100 m isobath. This net was subsequently replaced during the second cruise by a 0.6 m diameter conical net with 200 μm mesh. The third strategy was conducted in the Albardão transect (between 33ºS and 34ºS) using the Motoda net, which was trawled horizontally for 10 minutes in two depths. All the stratified samples were taken below and above the halocline (Piola et al., 2003; Möller Jr. & Piola, 2004; Macedo-Soares, 2015).The samples were fixed and preserved in formaldehyde solution, buffered with sodium tetraborate, diluted in sea water with a final approximate concentration of 4%. The filtrate volume was calculated based on the measurement of coupled flowmeters in each net, and was used to standardize the abundance of eggs and fish larvae per 100 m3 of filtered water. Two subsamples were obtained with a Folson splitter and shared between the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) and the National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP). For this cruises dry zooplankton biomass was determined and is express as milligrams per cubic meter of filtered water. The data compiled in the database are derived from the analyzes of the subsamples analyzed at LEI/FURG.

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