Glaciers data in Northern Labrador (Torngat Mountains glaciers)

Field activities in 2008 focused on three of the glaciers previously studied by Rogerson in the early 1980s (Abraham, Hidden and Minaret glaciers). [1] Prior to fieldwork, an updated inventory of published glacier locations was compiled. These data were retrieved from historical maps, government inventories, and field observations. (Sources: Forbes, 1938; Henoch and Stanley, 1968; Simpson, 2007; National Topographic Series maps). In total, 86 glaciers were recorded in the Torngat Mountains. [2] Temporary datums set up in 1981 by Rogerson near the snout of Abraham Glacier were relocated and precisely surveyed. [3] Precise surveys of glacier surface elevation and margin position were carried out on Abraham, Hidden and Minaret glaciers using a differential global positioning system (DGPS). [4] DGPS was also used to measure a selected number of static points on stable, non-moving (i.e. rock) terrain surrounding the three glaciers. These points, which are identifiable in metric vertical aerial photographs, are used as three-dimensional ground control points, essential to deriving stereo-photogrammetric measurements of surface elevation. [5] Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys provided ice thickness measurements along the centre line and one cross line of each glacier.

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