Anthropogenic lead concentrations in Amazonian wildlife and from samples representative of potential sources, supplement to: Cartró-Sabaté, Mar; Mayor, Pedro; Orta-Martínez, Martí; Rosell-Melé, Antoni (2019): Anthropogenic lead in Amazonian wildlife. Nature Sustainability, 2(8), 702-709


We analyse lead levels and isotopic fingerprint in 18 free-ranging wild game species in remote areas of the Amazon to provide a comprehensive picture of lead pollution and anthropogenic disturbances in tropical rainforests. To investigate the origin of lead in animal livers we compare the lead isotopic ratios with those analyzed from samples representative of potential sources, including ammunition, crude oil and soils from different mineral licks).

This dataset was updated on 2018-03-20, four samples have been added and one sample was modified, see Comment column for details.

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