Sociaal-economische ontwikkelingen in Nederland 1998 Social and economic attitudes in the Netherlands 1998


Survey on attitudes on social characteristics and background as well as social inequality and the fairness of income. Comparison of private versus public companies regarding quality of products, prices, service, variety of goods, organization, productivity, work conditions, wages, job opportunities etc. / subsidise basic industries, health service, protection of national industries, limitation of imports, government expenditures for employment, regulation of prices by the government or by the free market / what companies should be owned by the government / attitude to trade unions, strikes, collective labour agreements / r'.s social surroundings, description of 3 persons close to r. / fairness versus necessity of differences in pay, income / the ideal society with respect to distribution of income, expected developments / fair taxes / r.'s job history / company ownership / job opportunity in r.'s profession / preference for job in private or public sector or own company / working conditions, description of r.'s work / work organization: level, responsibilities, job satisfaction, relation between fairness of income and education, and age / satisfaction with standard of living, income, marriage, children, job, life / perception of development in welfare. Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ politics/ religion/ consumption of durables/ organizational membership

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