Organic carbon and amino acid concentration of Karelian shungite rocks from the lake Onego area, Russia, supplement to: Shanina, Svetlana N; Golubev, E A (2010): Amino acids in the Karelian shungites. Geochemistry International, 48(9), 917-931


The study of amino acids in the Precambrian shungite rocks of Karelia showed that their contents vary within 25-89 µg/g depending on proportions between shungite and mineral components. It was established that the amino acids exhibit an excess of L-enantiomers. In the shungite rocks, they form organomineral complexes with silica and aluminosilicates, being built in the globular structure of shungite matter. There are several sources of amino acids in shungites: secondary synthesis, microbial pollution, and original amino acids of organic matter in shungite rocks.

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