(Table) Density and biomass of phytoplankton in Vostok Bay in August and September 2010, supplement to: Konyukhov, I V; Selina, M S; Morozova, T V; Pogosyan, S I (2012): Experience of continuous fluorimetric monitoring of phytoplankton at a mooring station. Oceanology, 52(1), 130-140


The natural phytoplankton was monitored by means of fluorimetric equipment in Vostok Bay of the Sea of Japan. A gradual increase in the microalgae abundance was revealed in the course of the main water current, which enters the bay and leaves it. The continuous registration of chlorophyll fluorescence at a fixed point in the bay indicates the significant microscale variation of the abundance and functional state of the phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton biomass was originally given in g/m**3 and was recalculated to µg/l by multiplying with 1000.

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