Geochemistry on sediment core Co1014 from Rauer Group, Antarctica, supplement to: Berg, Sonja; Wagner, Bernd; White, Duanne A; Melles, Martin (2010): No significant ice-sheet expansion beyond present ice margins during the past 4500 yr at Rauer Group, East Antarctica. Quaternary Research, 74, 23-25


The history of glacial advances and retreats of the East Antarctic ice sheet during the Holocene is not well-known, due to limited field evidence in both the marine and terrestrial realm. A 257-cm-long sediment core was recovered from a marine inlet in the Rauer Group, East Antarctica, 1.8 km in front of the present ice-sheet margin. Radiocarbon dating and lithological characteristics reveal that the core comprises a complete marine record since 4500 yr. A significant ice-sheet expansion beyond present ice margins therefore did not occur during this period.

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