Description of manganese nodules and crust collected from the Hakurei Maru Cruise GH76-1, January-March, 1976, in the Central Pacific Basin, supplement to: Mizuno, Atsuyuki; Moritani, Tomoyuki (1977): Deep Sea Mineral Resources Investigation in the Central-Eastern Part of Central Pacific Basin, January - March 1976 (GH76-1 Cruise). Geological Survey of Japan, Cruise Report, 8, 217 pp


This report of the GH76-1 cruise mainly includes the results of the on-board observations in the survey area of the medial-eastern part of Central Pacific Basin (5 degree -10 degree N, 170 degree -175 degree W) and partly of analytical work at the on-shore laboratory. In addition, the results of some on-board optical and geophysical works along the tracks of Japan-Ogasawara-survey area-Hawaii, are described in appendices. The GH76-1 cruise of the R/V Hakurei-maru was carried out from the 10th January to the 9th March, 1976 as the second phase field work of the Geological Survey of Japan five-year research program of study on the manganese nodule deposits of the Central Pacific Basin and also as a part of the National Research Institute for Pollution and Resources research program of technological study on the exploitation of deep sea mineral resources. The GSJ research program (F.Y. 1974-F.Y. 1978) aims at providing basic information on the manganese nodule distribution and their origin on the deep sea floor of the Central Pacific Basin bounded by the Marshall Ridge to the west, the Christmas Ridge to the east, and the Mid-Pacific Mountains to the north. The first phase of investigation was carried out during the GH74-5 cruise in the eastern part of the area (6 degree -10 degree 30'W, 164 degree 30'-171 degree 30'N)(Mizuno and Chujo, eds., 1975), and the present second phase covered an areas of 5 degree square, just west of the GH74-5 area.

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