Geochemistry and radionuclide content of sediment and water samples obtained from the Ob and Irtysh river, Russia, supplement to: Stepanets, Oleg V; Ligaev, Alexander N; Borisov, Alexander P; Travkina, A V; Shkinev, V M; Danilova, T V; Miroshnikov, Alexsey Y; Migunov, V I (2009): Geoecological investigations of the Ob-Irtysh river basin in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous region: Yugra in 2006-2007. Geochemistry International, 47(7), 657-671


This paper reports the results of the investigations of 2006-2007 on the distribution and migration forms of artificial radionuclides and chemical elements in the Ob-Irtysh water system. Three regions were studied. One of them is a local segment of the Ob River upstream from the confluence with the Irtysh River; its investigation allowed us to estimate the general radioecological state of the aquatic environment affected by the activity of the Tomsk 7 plant. The second region is a local segment of the Irtysh River upstream from its confluence with the Ob River, where the influence of emissions from the NPO Mayak could be estimated. The third region is the water area of the Ob River after its confluence with the Irtysh River. It characterizes the real level of radioactive and chemical contamination of the middle reaches of the Ob River. In order to explain horizontal variations in the distribution of radionuclides in the upper layer of bottom sediments collected at various sites, the results of sorption-kinetic experiments with radioactive tracers in the precipitate-solution system were used. The investigation of the migration forms of trace elements and radionuclides occurring in river water was based on the method of tangential-flow membrane filtration.

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