Psychopathy and lifetime experiences of depression


Background: Previous studies have investigated an association between psychopathy and depression as part of the broader study of comorbidity between psychopathy and Axis I psychopathology, or as part of validity tests for psychopathy. These study methods have, however, been limited, for example by exclusive use of questionnaires, or categorical measures of depression, and by low base rates of psychopathology. The researchers aims were to extend previous research on psychopathy and depression and test the hypotheses that total PCL-R scores, and the four facets of interpersonal, affective, lifestyle and antisocial behaviour, would be negatively associated with depressive symptom scores.
Methods: Dimensional measures of psychopathy and lifetime major depression were derived from structured interviews (Psychopathy Checklist-Revised and Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-III-R) with adult male prisoners. The emotional experience of depression was also studied through analysis of the narratives used by the men to describe their depressive symptoms.

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