2010 River Dissolved inorganic ion concentrations, Cape Bounty, Melville Island

Sites NAD 27 UTM 12x: West River (WR): 0540627, 8313002 East River (ER): 0543077, 8312306 Ptarmigan (PT): 0540596, 8314704 Goose (G): 0540900, 8314197 Big Slide (BS): 0540451, 8314568 ALD05(AD05): 0540679,8134265 Cariboo (CR): 0540280, 8315140 Samples are named by site, date (MMDD) and time: PT0714 1300 = Ptarmigan July 14th at 1 pm. Samples were filtered by vacuum filtration (polysulphone apparatus) and 0.22 μm PVDF membrane filter. The filtration unit was triple rinsed with DI water and sample for each sample. Two 25 ml polyethylene scintillation vials were filled for each sample. Samples were analysed for cations (Na+, K+, NH4+, Ca2+, and Mg2+) and anions (Cl-, Br-, NO2-, SO42-, NO3-, PO43-) by liquid ion chromatography with a Dionex ICS-3000. The ion chromatograph was equipped with an ASRS 300 suppressor and AS18 analytical column for anions, and a CSRS 300 suppressor and CS12A-5μm analytical column for cations. Concentrations are in ppm, n.a. indicates values below detection

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Spatial Coverage (-109.500W, 74.900S, -109.500E, 74.900N)
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