Benthic foraminiferal fauna in the Ionian Sea, supplement to: Schmiedl, Gerhard; Hemleben, Christoph; Keller, Jörg; Segl, Monika (1998): Impact of climatic changes on the benthic foraminiferal fauna in the Ionian Sea during the last 330,000 years. Paleoceanography, 13(5), 447-458


To reconstruct paleoceanographic changes in the eastern Mediterranean during the last 330,000 years, we studied benthic foraminifera in a piston core from the Ionian Sea. The fauna exhibits large fluctuations in foraminiferal number, diversity, and species composition. Interglacials are characterized by low foraminiferal number and diversity indicating oligotrophic conditions. Directly below or above interglacial sapropels, increased numbers of low-oxygen-tolerant species indicate a strong reduction of deep water circulation. Glacials are characterized by increased foraminiferal number and diversity and faunas that are dominated by shallow infaunal species indicating mesotrophic conditions. Around glacial sapropel S6 very high foraminiferal numbers and the dominance of shallow and deep infaunal species suggest enhanced organic matter fluxes. These faunal results provide information about changes in the African and North Atlantic climate systems (monsoon and westerlies) controlling the humidity and wind stress in the Mediterranean region.

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