Geochemistry of the water column of southern lake Baikal during 1967-2005, supplement to: Tarasova, E N; Mamontov, A A; Mamontova, E A; Kuz'min, M I (2006): Some parameters of the state of the lake Baikal ecosystem inferred from long-term observations. Doklady Earth Sciences, 409A(6), 973-977


At present, when the influence of human economic activity is progressively increasing, significant attention is devoted to the state of water ecosystems. All researchers engaged in these problems agree that the state of the water system (pollution and eutrophication) can only be estimated on the basis of long-term researches. Systemic monitoring (at least once per month) of ionic components (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, bicarbonates, sulfates, and chlorides) in unfiltered water of Lake Baikal and its tributaries had been carried out under the supervision of Votintsev since 1947.

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