St. Clair - Detroit River System: Total Phosphorus Mass B alance

This study integrated United States and Canadian data to update and extend total phosphorus (TP) loads into and out of the St. Clair-Detroit River System for 1998-2016. The nutrient budgets for Lake St. Clair were calculated for each water year (October 1 to September 30) from 1998 to 2016. Daily flow into and out of the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, and the Detroit River were obtained from the US and Canadian river flow gauged stations. The annual TP loads into and out of the river-lake system were estimated from daily flow values and observations of TP concentration using a weighted regressions of time, discharge and season method. The Lake St. Clair annual TP mass balance was used to estimate annual TP retention as the difference between the amount of nutrients entering and leaving the lake.

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Creator Scavia, Don; Bocaniov, Serghei; Dagnew, Awoke; Long, Colleen
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Publication Year 2019
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Spatial Coverage (-83.560W, 41.550S, -81.200E, 42.980N)
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