West River spatial catchment stream sediment and water isotope and chemistry data, Cape Bounty

Samples were taken August 7, 2011 during a 6 hour period. Water temperature, pH and electrical conductivity was taken immediately, along with water samples for laboratory analysis. Sediment was collected for metal, organic matter and mineralogical analyses. Samples were processed within six hours, and filtered and stored for transport.

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Creator Melissa Lafreniere;Scott Lamoureux;Myrna Simpson;Brent Wolfe
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Queen's University
Publication Year 2013
Rights Public
Contact scott.lamoureux@queensu.ca
Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (75N-75N,110W-109W)
Temporal Point 2011-08-07T11:59:59Z