(Tables 4-5, page 160) REE contents in ferromanganese concretions from the Gulf of Bothnia and the Barents Sea, supplement to: Ingri, J; Ponter, C (1987): Rare earth abundance patterns in ferromanganese concretions from the Gulf of Bothnia and the Barents Sea. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 51(1), 155-161


Ferromanganese concretions from the Svalbard shelf in the Barents Sea show slightly convex shale-normalized REE patterns with no Eu anomalies. Concretions from the Gulf of Bothnia, northern part of the Baltic Sea, exhibit an enrichment of light REE and negative Eu anomalies. This difference is interpreted as a consequence of different conveyor mechanisms of the REE to the sediment. It is suggested that dissolving biogenic debris contributes to the convex pattern obtained in the Barents Sea, whereas an inorganic suspended fraction with scavenged REE is the main carrier in the Gulf of Bothnia. During oxic diagenesis in the sediment, the scavenged REE are set free into the porewater and contribute to the distribution pattern in concretions found in the Gulf of Bothnia. Small Mn-rich spheroidal concretions are enriched two to five times in REE compared to average shale, whereas Mn-poor flat concretions are low in REE. Specific surface area of the concretion and the depth of burial in the oxidized surface sediment are two factors that strongly affect the enrichment of the REE. Weak Ce anomalies are present in the analysed concretions and a redox level dependence is seen. All concentrations (except Insoluble residue [%]) are expressed as fraction of the soluble part of dried and ground samples in an HF-HClO4 solution.

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