Minerals, native metals, and intermetallides in bottom sediments of the Markov Deep, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Bortnikov, Nikolay S; Mochalov, A G; Cherkashov, Georgy A (2006): Native minerals and intermetallides of noble and nonferrous metals in sediments of the Markov Deep, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, Ser. Geol., 2006, 409(4), 522-527, Doklady Earth Sciences, 409A(6), 929-934


Bottom sediments of the Markov Deep contain rather large (>0.1 mm) grains of native minerals and intermetallides of noble and nonferrous metals that can be concentrated in placers. Intermetallides of Pt and Fe are likely to be derivates of the gold-hematite-barite assemblage that forms at late (low-depth) stages of hydrothermal massive sulfide formation. Mineral association of native forms of lead, tin, and copper with Zn-bearing copper may be related to hydrothermal transformation of ultrabasic and basic rocks accompanied by massive sulfide copper mineralization. The association of these minerals of native elements in bottom sediments can also serve as a prospecting guide for sulfide mineralization both at the Sierra Leone site, in particular, and on the seafloor, in general.

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