Chemical and isotopic compositions of zircons from amphibolites of the Kamchatksky Cape Peninsula, supplement to: Osipenko, A B; Sidorov, E G; Shevchenko, S S; Konilov, A N; Rassulov, V A; Rudashevskii, N S (2007): Geochemistry and U-Pb geochronology of zircon in garnet amphibolites from Kamchatkskii Cape Peninsula, Eastern Kamchatka. Translated from Geokhimiya, 2007, 3, 259-268, Geochemistry International, 45(3), 226-234


The paper reports the first data on geochemistry and U-Pb SHRIMP geochronology of zircons from garnet amphibolites whose fragments are hosted by the sole of the ophiolite complex of the Kamchatsky Cape, eastern Kamchatka. The zircons compose homogeneous sampling, have relatively small sizes, are anhedral, have no oscillatory zoning, and possess practically no inclusions. Chemical and photoluminescent characteristics of the zircons testify to their metamorphic genesis. U-Pb SHRIMP dates of the zircons (81.4+/-9.6 Ma) indicate that metamorphism of the amphibolite complex took place in Campanian, Late Cretaceous. These dates seem to correspond to the peak of high-pressure metamorphism, which is thought to be related to origin of an ophiolite complex of the suprasubduction type and its uplift within the Kronotsky Island arc.

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