Deglacial planktic foraminiferal boron isotope and Mg/Ca data from sediment core MD01-2416 in the western North Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Gray, William R; Rae, James W B; Wills, Robert C J; Shevenell, Amelia E; Taylor, Ben; Burke, Andrea; Foster, Gavin L; Lear, Caroline H (2018): Deglacial upwelling, productivity and CO2 outgassing in the North Pacific Ocean. Nature Geoscience


Boron isotopes and Mg/Ca measured on planktic foraminifera N. pachyderma from deglacial sediments of core MD01-2416, located in the western subpolar North Pacific. Includes calculated pH, pCO2 and sea surface temperature estimates.

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Creator Foster, Gavin L;Shevenell, Amelia E;Burke, Andrea;Rae, James W B;Taylor, Ben;Gray, William R;Lear, Caroline H;Wills, Robert C J
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Publication Year 2018
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