July 2016 survey of lake sediment and water geochemistry from 83 lakes Northwest of Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

In July, 2016, a helicopter equipped with pontoons was used to collect samples from ~80 lakes west of Walsh lake on the TerraX Minerals Inc. northern claim. Sediment-water interface samples were collected using an Ekman Grab. Samples were kept cool and transported to Carleton University, ON, Canada, where they were sub-sampled and sent to Bureau Veritas, Vancouver, for ICP-MS analysis. Surface water samples were collected at each sample location in 3 bottles, one each for nutrients and anions/cations, total metals, and isotope analysis; water for total metals was acidified after collection. Samples for nutrients, anions, cations and total metals were kept cool and transported to Taiga Environmental Laboratory, NWT, Canada, for analysis. Samples taken for isotope analysis were transported to Carleton University, ON, Canada, for subsequent analysis.

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Creator R.Timothy, Patterson;Gregory, Braden;Sexton, Alan;Galloway, Jennifer;Setterfield, Tom;Palmer, Michael
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Publication Year 2017
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Spatial Coverage (63N-63N,114W-114W)
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