Ouderen in instellingen 2000 - OII 2000 Elderly in institutions 2000 - OII 2000


Study on elderly people living in institutions, in somatic as well as psychogeriatric wards (nursing home, rest home, retirement home, verzorgingshuis, verpleeghuis). Respondents are questioned about their physical and mental health, mobility, activities, living conditions, relations, financial situation. If a respondent is not able to answer the questions a proxy is asked (a family member or a staff member). Data on the institutions were also collected. Reason for moving to institution, how long in institution, situation before moving / how long had to wait to move to institution, move alone or with partner, how many rooms / valuation of living in institution. Health: satisfaction with own health / does r. have pain / how many days ill in last two weeks / which illnesses, bedridden, incontinence / difficulties with sitting and standing / test of cognitive functions, memory / self rating: eyesight, hearing / medical care: use of drugs, how often visit g.p., medical specialist, physiotherapist, hospital admissions, how many days, mental health care, depression / does r. have alarm system, ever used it. Relations and activities: relation with family / how often visitors, pay visits / does r. practice sports / which recreational, cultural facilities visited / recreational facilities in home / loneliness / holiday, how often / membership of organizations / does r. possess 65+ card / possibility to heat up food / r. makes own cold meals / r. eats hot meals in dining room or own room / does r. need help with personal care, housekeeping. Mobility: does r. need help to move around / how often gets outside / does r. use wheelchair, walking frame, adapted car, adapted scooter, bicycle / costs of transport / use of public transport, special transport for elderly or handicapped, why not / use of taxi, car, bicycle. Finance: gross income / how much spending money each month / does r. have enough money to go on a one week holiday each year, buy new clothes, buy presents, go out, make telephone calls / costs of home / cost made for dentist, dentures / health insurance, costs /, who takes care of finance / does r. have own telephone, newspaper, cost of newspaper telephone, television, television guide / Religion: in youth, now / life after death / r. how often pray, go to church / talk to religious person Background variables: year of birth / marital status / where is partner living / year of birth partner / no. children / education, education partner / r., parents, born in which country.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zq4-m3kc
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Creator Klerk, M. de, Woittiez, I., Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau - Den Haag (primary investigator)
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Publication Year 2007
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