Diversity and population structure along recovery of hydrothermal vent communities, Lucky Strike vent field (Mid-Atlantic ridge)


Abundances, density and size population structure of the dominant species (Bathymodiolus azoricus, Branchipolynoe seepensis, Amphisamytha lutzi, Lepetodrilus atlanticus, Pseudorimula midatlantica and Protolira valvatoides) along the recovery process within the different quadrats deployed on the active Montségur edifice, the peripheral area and the inactive structure on the Luky Strike vent field (Mid-Atlantic ridge). In total 29 faunal assemblages were collected, including 21 on the Montségur edifice (5 references, 8 pre-disturbance communities, 4 one year post-disturbance and 4 two years post-disturbance), 4 on the peripheral ares (2 pre-disturbance and 2 one year post-disturbance) and 4 on an inactive structure (2 pre-disturbance and 2 one year post-disturbance). Details on the sampling method and analyses are published in Marticorena et al. in prep.

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