CERRA Seniorenpanel, 1e golf 1993 CERRA panel of aged persons, first wave 1993


First wave of panel study on the economic aspects of aging. Both heads of household and partner have been questioned. Adjusted questionnaires for: (P1257A) persons in employment (B:) self employed (C:) on early retirement (D:) recipients of disablement insurance benefit (E:) other persons without a job. R.'s physical condition, contacts with medical care, doctors, hospitals last 12 months, physical problems with daily activities, physical and mental complaints / health insurance, own risk / satisfaction with residence and housing conditions / housing costs, rent subsidy, financial burden / value of r.'s house / plans to remove, motives / time spent on daily, weekly activities / changes in quality of r.'s life / type of job, type of company, pressure of work / part-timers: reason why, preferred number of working hours per week / days vacation per year / sources of income / pension entitlements / conditions for early retirement (VUT) / occurrence of early retirement and rejection on medical grounds (WAO) and r.'s work / changes in r.'s job, function: reason and consequences / actual health problems, consequences for work, causes, adaption of work, tasks, cooperation of employer / job satisfaction, wish for other job, motives, efforts made to find other job / wish for (early) retirement, motives, conditions required by r. / (dis-)advantages of having a job / attitude of people around r. to early retirement, financial precautions made for retirement / expected occupational status after two years / r.'s previous employer: type of company, job, function, pressure of work, earnings, pension entitlement, motives to change job / job career, experiences on labour market / occupational status two years ago: job, nr. of working hours, income / expectation to leave a legacy / importance of a good income, appreciation of different levels of income. Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership

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Creator Lindeboom, M., Theeuwes, J.J.M., Woittiez, I., Centre for Economic Research on Retirement and Aging, CERRA * LEIDEN, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden * Leiden, Algemene Economie (primary investigator)
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Publication Year 2007
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