Geochemistry and isotopic ratios of samples obtained during R/V Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov cruise ANS24, supplement to: Sushchevskaya, Nadezhda M; Peyve, Alexander A; Belyatsky, Boris V (2010): Conditions of formations of slightly enriched tholeiites in the northern Knipovich Ridge. Geochemistry International, 48(4), 321-337


New petrological and geochemical data were obtained for basalts recovered during cruise 24 of the R/V "Akademik Nikolay Strakhov" in 2006. These results significantly contributed to the understanding of the formation of tholeiitic magmatism at the northern end of the Knipovich Ridge of the Polar Atlantic. Dredging was performed for the first time both in the rift valley and on the flanks of the ridge. It showed that the conditions of magmatism have not changed since at least 10 Ma. The basalts correspond to slightly enriched tholeiites, whose primary melts were derived at the shallowest levels and were enriched in Na and depleted in Fe (Na-TOR type). The most enriched basalts are typical of the earlier stages of the opening and were found on the flanks of the ridge in its northernmost part. Variations in the ratios of Sr, Nd, and Pb isotopes and lithophile elements allowed us to conclude that the primary melts generated beneath the spreading zone of the Knipovich Ridge were modified by the addition of the enriched component that was present both in the Neogene and Quaternary basalts of Spitsbergen Island. Compared with the primitive mantle, the extruding magmas were characterized by positive Nb and Zr anomalies and a negative Th anomaly. The formation of primary melts involved melting of the metasomatized depleted mantle reservoir that appeared during the early stages of opening of the Norwegian-Greenland Basin and transformation of the paleo-Spitsbergen Fault into the Knipovich spreading ridge, which was accompanied by magmatism in western Spitsbergen during its separation from the northern part of Greenland.

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