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The long-term monitoring project has the aim of recording the vegetational development in subalpine to alpine altitudes in different plant communities, to record critical changes in vegetation due to climate change. In the year 2000 permanent plots were established along an altitudinal gradient from 1960 m to 2790 m a.s.l. Besides the altitudinal gradient, the sites differ in locations and communities: subalpine area, timberline area, lower alpine area, upper alpine area and bogs. Also the effect of grazing was measured in several years; therefore fences at each site were established to exclude grazers (domestic herbivores). In sum 104 permanent plots were established until 2014. One permanent plot has a size of 1 square meter (m²). Vegetation records were made with a metal frame with a size of 1 m². Frequency analysis were made. Data was collected seasonnally (summer) from 19.07.2000 to 09.09.2014. 1002 Relevés are presented in the database.

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