Vrouwelijke pioniers 1988-1990 : Vrouwen en mannen met een mannelijke beroepsopleiding aan het begin van hun loopbaan. Women with masculin higher vocational training at the start of their career 1988-1990


Investigation into the existence of differences in first job between female and male graduates of male advanced vocational courses and explanation of these differences. First, an inventory was made up at the end of 1988 of the situation of the 1988-graduates of six disciplines of higher vocational training. This concerned: job situation / size of firm / salary / type of contract / working hours / terms of employment / function characteristics / job-level / on the job training / expected chances for promotion / expected level in three years / application history / expectations for the future (P1164A). A second step, involving 1989 graduates, consisted of measuring attitudes toward working, preferences regarding a (future) job in April 1989 (P1164B), the keeping of a diary concerning all jobseeking activities, applications etc. (P1164C) and a measurement of the situation 6 months after graduation (P1164D). The final step involved applications (P1164E) and their (potential) employers (P1164F) resulting from a selected number of advertisements. Applicants were asked about application procedure, their motivation and perspectives for the future. Employers were asked about application procedure, preferences in hiring personnel, attitudes regarding sex-related differences in hiring personnel. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education

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