Nasivvik Research Chair in Ecosystem Approaches to Northern Health

The research chair objectives are to: 1) Contribute to biomonitoring of environmental contaminants in local foods and northern populations; 2) Study the effects of contaminants on human health and the effects of contaminant/nutrient interactions in foods and on health; 3) Study the prevalence and incidence of zoonoses and other infectious agents, and their environmental and social determinants; 4) Study the effects of local and regional development on the chemical and microbiological quality of drinking water and local foods, and their impact on the health of northern populations and workers; 5) Study the impact of climate and ecosystem changes on local food systems (quality, availability, access, use, sustainability) and on; and 6) Mobilize knowledge into action by: i. Integrating, sharing, and discussing research outcomes with co-investigators, decision makers, key actors, and communities in northern regions; ii. Developing, implementing, and evaluating projects, particularly with youth and in close partnership with regional and local partners; iii. Strengthening the research capacity of Indigenous youth and the capacity of practitioners in the fields of health, social services, the environment, and education; iv. Contributing to regional and national risk assessment initiatives and implementing public health policies; and v. Taking part in national and international councils and expert panels on Indigenous health and environmental contaminants For further information about our on-going projects, please visit our website:

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