Legislative Reapportionment Data, 1962 Archival Version


The data in this package are "representational unit" population totals for 101 American legislative chambers at the time of the Supreme Court's decision in Baker versus Carr (March 26, 1962). The 101 chambers included both houses of the national Congress and of 49 state legislatures, plus Nebraska's unicameral legislature. "Representational unit" is an estimate of the number of persons represented by an individual legislator.

101 American legislative chambers as of March 26, 1962.

The sample consists of the entire population.

A machine-readable codebook and a computer program for statistical analysis of the data are included in the data file. The file contains a total of 1,256 data cards.

DOI https://doi.org/10.3886/ICPSR07246
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Publication Year 1984
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