Limnology of arctic thaw ponds and their greenhouse gas emissions (Bylot Island, Nunavut)

Limnological profiles done with a YSI multiparameter probe (T°, pH, conductivity, oxygen). Discrete water samples collected for nutrients, major anions and cations, dissolved inorganic (DIC) and organic carbon (DOC), pCO2 and pCH4, total suspended solids (TSS) and particulate organic carbon (POC), following standard methods. Bacterial and primary production measured in 2008 in plankton and microbial mats (Scott et al. 2006, Buesing & Gesnner 2003; Mueller et al. 2006, Rautio et al. 2004; Knap et al. 1996). Phytoplankton is preserved in glutharaldehyde and paraformaldehyde; rotifer in Lugol and bacteria in glutharaldehyde and PMSF. Chlorophyll-a and major pigments were determined in 2007 using HPLC (Zapata et al. 2000). Diversity of picoeukaryotes, Bacteria and Archaea are analyzed with clone libraries, DGGE and pyrosequencing. Larger phytoplankton cells and rotifers were identified under the microscope in a few ponds in 2007. Discrete measurements of surface water CO2 flux are done using a floating chamber connected to an IRGA (EGM-4, PP-Systems). Continuous measurements of dissolved gases (CO2, CH4 and O2) in 3 ponds were done during 6 days in July 2008. GHG fluxes are also estimated using dissolved gas concentration and gas transfer models. Ebullition flux is measured using an inverted funnel submerged in water for a few hours/days to collect bubbles for further analysis (GC, stable isotopes, 14C dating). Photodegradation and microbial degradation rates of dissolved organic matter were estimated in short term experiments (2008-2010), following DOC and CDOM optical properties. Hg+MeHg concentration and photodemethylation by Marc Amyot team was also performed (2008-2010).

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