Abundance and opal input of radiolarian species of two sediment cores from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean, supplement to: Jacot des Combes, Hélène; Abelmann, Andrea (2009): From species abundance to opal input: Simple geometric models of radiolarian skeletons from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 56(5), 757-771


Radiolarian-based paleoceanographic reconstructions generally use the abundance of selected radiolarian species. However, the recent focus on the opal flux and the development of isotope measurements in biogenic opal and the organic matter embedded in it demands a better knowledge of the origin of the opal. We present here an estimation of the opal content of the skeleton of 63 radiolarian species from two sites in the Southern Ocean. The skeletons are modelled as associations of simple geometrical shapes, and the volume thus obtained is combined with opal density to obtain the amount of opal. These data are, thus, used to determine the most important opal carriers in the radiolarian assemblage in both cores.

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