(Table T1) Geochemistry of variably altered dacite from several ODP Leg 193 sites


Sediment depth is given in mbsf. Silicate d18O measurements were made on sulfate-free bulk rock powders. Where present, anhydrite was removed prior to analysis. For anhydrites, the d18O of sulfate was determined separately using the BaSO4 powders obtained from gravimetric determination of SO4. Bulk rock isotopic composition was calculated based on the proportions of anhydrite and silicate phases. For samples with minor anhydrite and anhydrite-free samples, the bulk rock isotopic composition equals the isotopic composition determined for the silicate phases. 87Sr/86Sr silicate duplicates for P001 = 0.70380 and 0.70379, better than measurement error, which ranges 0.00001-0.00006. 87Sr/86Sr anhydrite in P025 = 0.70456 and 0.70524. Recalculated major element oxides: FeS2 and CaSO4 are calculated based on S total and SO4 in anhydrite. Where SO4 in anhydrite was below detection limit, all S was assigned to pyrite. Where SO4 in anhydrite is not available, XRD data were used in the recalculation. All S was assigned to pyrite for samples where pyrite was identified in XRD but anhydrite was absent (powders 16, 34, 73, 61, 63, 64, 27, 48, 51, 11, 52, 53, and 54). In powder P017, XRD shows anhydrite but pyrite was not detected; consequently, all S was assigned to anhydrite. For P070, the recalculation assumed all Ca resided in anhydrite (plagioclase is absent in XRD). For P020, it was assumed that pyrite and anhydrite are present in proportions 80:20 based on XRD data. Unaltered and many weakly altered samples (2, 69, 33, 50, 68, and 60) show no indication of pyrite or anhydrite in XRD but contain minor S total. Here, all the S total was assigned to pyrite because anhydrite is an unlikely igneous phase at PACMANUS.

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