Snow and Ice Physical Properties(Leg 4-6), ArcticNet 2009'

General description: Ice types from new ice up to thick First-Year Ice (FYI) were encountered, with one case of Multiyear Ice (MYI) examined. Methology: The sampling can be divided into "Transect Mode" and "Drift Mode." For the transect mode, we accessed the ice surface using the ice cage lowered from the deck at the port side. For the drift mode, we accessed the ice surface twice daily using the gangplank. Collected variables in the snow and/or frost flowers were: 1) Temperature profile (TraceableĀ® Digital Thermometer, Control Company), 2) Stratified samples for salinity, 3) Snow grain samples (photographically analyzed in the cold lab on the ship), 4) Density (derived by using a known volume physical sample and measuring the weight on the ship), 5) Derived liquid water content (measured using a capacitance plate technique). Collected variables in the ice were: 1) Thickness, 2) Freeboard, 3) Temperature profile, 4) Salinity profile, 5) Microstructural analysis (including vertical for the complete core and horizontal sections in the top layers of drift stations). Data type: This data set includes a table (see folder "Ice_Raid_Summary - LegX" where X = 4,5,6) containing sampling time and station, type of ice, ice surface/air/snow/water temperatures, snow/ice thickness, freeboard and surface description and comments.

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Creator Barber, David;Gupta, Mukesh;Asplin, Matthew;Warner, Kerri;Pucko, Monika;Galley, Ryan
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor University of Manitoba
Publication Year 2015
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Spatial Coverage (70N-72N,131W-121W)
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