Nationaal Scholierenonderzoek 2001 - NSO'01 National survey pupils secondary schools 2001 - NSO 2001

Survey among pupils of secondary schools with a great number of detailed questions about their life, work, income and consumption patterns. Living situation / pocket money / income / jobs / holiday work / money spending / saving / education / type of school / grades / relations at school with pupils and teachers / changed schools / problems at home, at school / use of computer at school, at home, what for / time spending / books read / music / cultural exposure / going out, how often, how late, how much money spent / independence / physical and mental health / smoking / alcohol / drugs / gambling / crime / political preference, activities / religion / organizational membership / sport / volunteer work / where born, age at which r. came to the Netherlands. R.'s ideas about life after school: further education / work, how many hours / type of work / what is important in work / will there be work / marriage, cohabitation / children, how many / how many hours work when children. Parents: income / education / work / where born / religion / cultural activities / parents agree with r.'s lifestyle.
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Publication Year 2009
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