Arctic SOLAS 2008 nitrous oxide (N2O) in sea ice

Ice core samples were collected using a Kovacs corer at 13 stations in drifting and landfast ice between 28 March 2008 and 2 June 2008. The lower 10 cm of the ice core was subsampled using a custom-made micro-coring device consisting of a cylindrical metal cutting bit driven by an electric drill. The small cylindrical core thus created fitted snugly inside a 200 mL all-glass syringe with minimal air space. The syringes were placed in a bucket of water where the ice was allowed to melt. After expelling the residual headspace, the melted samples were transferred to serum vials, poisoned with 100 µL of saturated HgCl2 solution and sealed with gas-tight crimp caps. Analysis was performed using a purge-and-trap apparatus coupled to a gas chromatograph (Varian 3800) equipped with a PFPD (pulsed flame photometric detector) operating in nitrogen mode. Instrument calibration was achieved using a permeation tube source of N2O (Kin-Tek Laboratories).

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Creator Kevin Randall;Michael Scarratt
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maurice Lamontagne Institute
Publication Year 2011
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Spatial Coverage (70N-75N,135W-120W)
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