(Table 2, Page 270) Average chemical composition of manganese nodules and crust collected at different localities the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Nohara, Masato (1977): The geochemistry of manganese nodules from the Pacific Ocean. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 83(5), 267-276


Considerable regional variations in the chemical composition of manganese nodules from a wide range of the Pacific Ocean have been observed. These variations can be more exactly expressed in terms of inter-element relationships. In particular, Cu-Mn and Cu-Ni associations reveal that Cu content in pelagic nodules increases rapidly in proportion to those of Mn or Ni. In nodules from continental borderland and hemipelagic areas, even if Mn or Ni contents increase, that of Cu increases only slightly. It is suggested that the considerable chemical differences within individual nodules and between nodules from the same site, at a limited pelagic area where there is no marked change in depositional conditions of nodules, are due to the role of hydrolyzable trace elements in the formation of nodules. Samples have been dried at 105°C for 4 hours.

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