Allochtone meisjes in het voortgezet onderwijs, 1983-1985 Immigrant girls in secondary education, 1983-1985

Effectiveness of secondary schools with respect to education for immigrant girls. PUPILS: background variables: age, place of birth: name of country ( also of father and mother ) and community, religious affiliation of family, readership at home: newspapers / magazines / books ( in which language ) / date of arrival in the Netherlands / educational history / social behaviour at school, participation of social activities at school / social contacts with teacher and pupils ( outside or at school ) / attitudes towards school, pupils and teachers. TEACHERS: background variables: age, history of education after primary school, teaching / description of lessons ( used materials, homework, time spend ) and evaluation / contacts with pupils not during lessons / participation of social activities at school or class / contacts with parents of immigrant girls / contacts with colleagues ( opinion of importance ) / possibility to get informed about specific problems of immigrant pupils / educational performance of all pupils and of immigrant girls / influence of school, peer group and family on the performance / attitude towards importance and realization at school of objectives, design of education, extra support of pupils, relation between teacher and pupil. SCHOOL: detailed description of structure of the school and organization of support for pupils / management / contacts between management and teachers / structure of lessons, schemes, school timetables, subject compositions, extra lessons in Dutch language / language and culture also for immigrant pupils / education materials and didactic structures / extra facilities for immigrant pupils and other pupils / policy of determination, testing and performance / grouping of pupils / contacts between pupils and teachers / conflicts, discipline and order / procedures to recruit teachers / schooling for teachers / participation of teachers, pupils and parents / consequences of immigrant pupils for the school. Administrative data of the pupils are collected: e.g. absence, performance.

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